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It took me 5 years to find the perfect elixir to make the ignorant people disappear. Here it is.

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How many times have you been shocked by things that certain people say and do? How many times have you been not listened to even when you are an expert in a certain field? How many times you had to walk away, just because it seemed impossible to reason with certain people?

There are not a lot of things that make my blood boil like ignorance and arrogance. I can’t stand those who refuse to listen to logic, reason or facts.

I’ve been faced with rudeness, prejudice and a lot of arrogance. …

Learn to spot the miserable people before they enter your life.

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I’m not happy to say this, but I’ve known a lot of miserable people throughout my life. I have stumbled upon an article written by Dr Mehmet Yildiz where he humbly and respectfully addresses a very miserable reader who questions his integrity, his background and makes offensive claims.

Miserable people (haters) are all around us, and their life-goal is to bring people like Dr Mehmet Yildiz or Tom Kuegler down.

Montenegro's sworn virgins

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Montenegro can be a hard place to live — for women. Montenegro is known for its highly patriarchal society.

In 1880, a correspondent of The New York Times wrote: “The Montenegrin woman takes an equal share of labour with the man at field-work, and she does all the carrying. ”

While a Dutch travel writer Henri van der Mandere described the lives of women in Montenegro in the following way: “A woman in Montenegro is nothing, she has no rights, she is only suitable to work and carry heavy loads for the man. As a girl, she has to obey…

I like my coffee black, unfiltered. It reminds us of when Serbia was part of the Ottoman Empire.

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Serbia had the first coffee house (“kafana”) in Europe an entire century before London. The telephone rang for the first time in a Serbian coffee house and the first electric street light was also lit in front of it.

As a Serbian, I drink a lot of coffee. We have centuries-old tradition of drinking black coffee, and it was a tradition inherited from the time of the Turkish reign in the region.

The most popular traditional coffee — is Turkish coffee , which comes unfiltered, in small cups. You can order traditional coffee almost everywhere and anytime when in Serbia.

There is a special coffee culture in Serbia

How to handle someone who is imitating you.

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Throughout my life, I have managed to receive a lot of praise, admiration and recognition from influential people and I am very proud of that. I have worked hard to achieve that and I am not done, I am just at the beginning of my bright future.

With recognition come haters and copycats.

Who is a copycat?

Someone who tries to copy another’s behaviour, who has no ideas of their own. Someone who is just truly miserable or perhaps just lost and confused in this big world. These people often try to devalue your achievements and put your down.


5 attitudes for a better relationship.

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I’ve realised that “marriage” comes way before the wedding. I’ve been in a loving, passionate and fulfilling relationship for a few years now, and even though we are not officially married yet, it feels like we are. And I am enjoying every single day of it.

Being married to someone means being fully committed to the relationship and putting “your relationship ” first, over and over again. I was always a believer in “true love” and I have finally found it.

My true love doesn’t just give me butterflies, but he has turned my life upside down — in a…

Learn to protect yourself from the crazies.

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It’s an ancient story among ex-couples: you ended the relationship, but your former partner’s unresolved feelings over the breakup prevent you from living your new life in peace. Even after multiple phone calls to the police, your furious ex finds a way to continue the drama and threaten your safety.

News headlines are full of tragic stories like this.

I never minded these stories until my good friend confided in me with an issue. His ex is continuously trying to re-enter his life, even though they have been separated for over five years now, and not to mention that their…

If you think you can afford to ghost people in business, then you are wrong.

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I’ve had a great chat with a potential business partner; we exchanged a few emails, called each other, even laughed. I’ve done my research, I’ve tailored my offer, I understood the partner’s needs and pains, and I found a “perfect” solution.

I’ve even come up with a trackable ROI! I’ve spent weeks working on the offer. Everything was going great. Or I thought it was…

Because one day, my potential lead just diapered into thin air. They stopped answering my emails and phone calls.

And I had to accept the ugly truth — I’ve been ghosted.

What’s Ghosting?

Ghosting comes from the…

Prague’s spas can satisfy even the most demanding clientele

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I love the spa. I am so enthusiastic about the spa experiences that I am currently building an in-house spa myself. I just love to be pampered.

In the country where I was born, spa traditions date back centuries. The Czech Republic is well known for its thermal mineral springs. The visitors flock to the Czech Republic to see its most famous spa towns, such as Karlovy Vary, to seek the waters “healing” abilities.

These spas have been places of rest and relaxation for many important people. Today, the Czech Republic is one of the world’s spa leaders. …


Why Prague is the ultimate romantic destination for couples

Image by Phạm Nhựt from Pixabay

Love is in the air, can’t you feel it? I can, and it may be because I live in Europe’s most romantic cities — Prague.

I recently decided to find the most romantic spots around my hometown to awaken my inner romantic and I have rediscovered more than I expected.

Below I have compiled a list of the most romantic things to do in Prague that will surely sweep you off your feet.

Have Brunch at Prague’s most Romantic Island


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