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It took me 5 years to find the perfect elixir to make the ignorant people disappear. Here it is.

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How many times have you been shocked by things that certain people say and do? How many times have you been not listened to even when you are an expert in a certain field? How many times you had to walk away, just because it seemed impossible to reason with certain people?

There are not a lot of things that make my blood boil like ignorance and arrogance. I can’t stand those who refuse to listen to logic, reason or facts.

I’ve been faced with rudeness, prejudice and a lot of arrogance. …

Learn to spot the miserable people before they enter your life.

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I’m not happy to say this, but I’ve known a lot of miserable people throughout my life. I have stumbled upon an article written by Dr Mehmet Yildiz where he humbly and respectfully addresses a very miserable reader who questions his integrity, his background and makes offensive claims.

Miserable people (haters) are all around us, and their life-goal is to bring people like Dr Mehmet Yildiz or Tom Kuegler down.

Montenegro's sworn virgins

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Montenegro can be a hard place to live — for women. Montenegro is known for its highly patriarchal society.

In 1880, a correspondent of The New York Times wrote: “The Montenegrin woman takes an equal share of labour with the man at field-work, and she does all the carrying. ”

While a Dutch travel writer Henri van der Mandere described the lives of women in Montenegro in the following way: “A woman in Montenegro is nothing, she has no rights, she is only suitable to work and carry heavy loads for the man. As a girl, she has to obey…

I like my coffee black, unfiltered. It reminds us of when Serbia was part of the Ottoman Empire.

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Serbia had the first coffee house (“kafana”) in Europe an entire century before London. The telephone rang for the first time in a Serbian coffee house and the first electric street light was also lit in front of it.

As a Serbian, I drink a lot of coffee. We have centuries-old tradition of drinking black coffee, and it was a tradition inherited from the time of the Turkish reign in the region.

The most popular traditional coffee — is Turkish coffee , which comes unfiltered, in small cups. You can order traditional coffee almost everywhere and anytime when in Serbia.

There is a special coffee culture in Serbia

When did being “pushy ”become a good skill?

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My friend applied for a job. I was sure that he would get it. I recommended him.

The successful applicant was required to have at least 1-year of experience in the media industry.

My friend has 20-year experience. He launched worldwide campaigns with some of the biggest brands out there — P&G, Coca Cola to name a few. In my opinion, he was overqualified.

He excelled in his first interview. Within two days, he had an interview with the manager. He was asked questions about his previous experiences — his answers were impeccable. …

My mother is much more than the memories of her.

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Kay Bolden wrote a fearless reflection on the memory of her mother. Her article prompted me to ask the question: “Do we ever truly know our parents? Or do we remember them based on the few crucial moments which shape our memory of them for our lifetime?”

I have never truly known my parents.

I’ve never spent enough physical time with my parents. My mother was 44 years old when she gave birth to me. At the time, in the country where I was born, she was considered the oldest woman to give birth naturally.

The mother I knew was…


How sensitive people can shield themselves from negativity.

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I am a writer, therefore I am a highly sensitive person.

I can absorb the emotions of others whether I want it or not. I am very well attuned to other people’s moods, both the good and the bad. Before I learned to protect myself from the bad energies, I could get sick from being exposed to other people’s negative vibes.

For example, certain people just reek of negative energy. After spending some time in their company, I usually felt drained for the next day.

Sometimes being able to “absorb” energies can be a good thing, especially when I am…


Learn how to spot the angry person before he explodes like a volcano.

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How many angry people you don’t know?

You will be shocked how many people in your close circle is battling a hidden anger issue. I’ve always thought I could spot angry people a mile away, but recently I’ve realized that it’s just so easy to miss those signs that someone is angry with you, as they are often good at hiding it.

Being angry is exhausting.

The people who have hidden anger boiling inside of them are very unhappy people. Their anger can be expressed in different ways, and often you can be misled by such people. …

Travel. Explore.

Next time you are in Prague, be sure to bathe in beer — it does wonders.

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Prague is truly remarkable. For me, it will always be the most beautiful city in the world. Even though I have spent the majority of my life in Prague and should know the city inside-out, there is always something astonishing to learn!

Upon my research, I found that there’s much more to this stunning city than most residents will ever realise. Here are 8 things that I didn't know about this gem!

1. Hitler “Loved” Prague So Much That He “Spared” It


There is no such thing as “being hated for no particular reason.”

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Don’t want to be hated?

Then just sit on the sidelines, do nothing, don’t reach your goals, be average, boring and no one will hate you! It’s that easy.

I can’t do that though. I am a warrior. Therefore, I have haters.

The more successful, happier, healthier I am — the more haters I gain.

We share the same “fears”: missing out on life, desire to look great and feel amazing, lead a better life.

But there is one crucial difference between me and my haters — I am taking the steps to achieve these things and I am living…


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