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My good friend is in an abusive relationship. After five months of indecisiveness, he finally had his first session with the therapist. He admitted that he is a man who is being abused by his pregnant girlfriend.

After two hours he received this advice — if she wasn’t pregnant, his…

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Have you ever heard of the term “malicious mother syndrome”?

You see a malicious mother, is a woman who uses children to get back at their partner for “leaving” them. They alienate the children to turn them against their fathers.

The world is full of scorned women. Hollywood loves to…

MWC Work

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“If you wish to be a good writer then write as if nobody will ever read your stories”.

Stupidly I followed the advice that led me straight into a courtroom and cost me all my savings. You see, I am a writer who hoped to get my stories out into…


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My friend has been recently through a divorce. He has two children. It was supposed to be a “humane” divorce, but somehow after the breakup, his ex started creating drama and became unnecessary hostile towards him.

I knew they had a lot of issues when they were together, she was…

Open Spaces Are Full of Lies

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Honesty is the best policy.

Is it though? Is it actually good to be truthful? I don't think so.

Not everyone can handle the truth.

There are situations where being honest can go against you. Today my good friend and a colleague got fired. …

Abuse Has No Excuse

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My good friend is a family lawyer and often she represents men in divorce and custody cases. She has seen many emotionally abusive women. She has seen:

And repeated harassment from ex-partners. When a couple separates, and children…

It’s OK Not To Fit In

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

“You have the best job in the world and when I grow up I want to be like you!”, my stepdaughter told me. I chuckled and thought to myself “If you only knew…”

You see, I work in the video games industry and those who aren't “from the industry” might…

Not Everything Is Men’s Fault.

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

It’s can be sometimes tough being a woman. Women have to fight for the rights that they should have. Women face sexism and inequality on a daily basis.

It’s unfair.

Often many women blame men for their misfortunes.

We can’t keep blaming men for everything. …


Writer, Marketing Professional, Role Model and just ultra-cool babe. I’m fearless. I’m a writer. I don’t quit. I use my imagination to inspire others!

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