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It took me 5 years to find the perfect elixir to make the ignorant people disappear. Here it is.

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Learn to spot the miserable people before they enter your life.

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Montenegro's sworn virgins

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I like my coffee black, unfiltered. It reminds us of when Serbia was part of the Ottoman Empire.

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There is a special coffee culture in Serbia

Your ex just wishes to be loved like you love your new partner.

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How to handle someone who is imitating you.

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5 attitudes for a better relationship.

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Learn to protect yourself from the crazies.

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If you think you can afford to ghost people in business, then you are wrong.

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What’s Ghosting?

Prague’s spas can satisfy even the most demanding clientele

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Writer, Marketing Professional, Role Model and just ultra-cool babe. I’m fearless. I’m a writer. I don’t quit. I use my imagination to inspire others!

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