Montenegro's sworn virgins

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Montenegro can be a hard place to live — for women. Montenegro is known for its highly patriarchal society.

In 1880, a correspondent of The New York Times wrote: “The Montenegrin woman takes an equal share of labour with the man at field-work, and she does all the carrying. ”

While a Dutch travel writer Henri van der Mandere described the lives of women in Montenegro in the following way: “A woman in Montenegro is nothing, she has no rights, she is only suitable to work and carry heavy loads for the man. As a girl, she has to obey…

I like my coffee black, unfiltered. It reminds us of when Serbia was part of the Ottoman Empire.

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Serbia had the first coffee house (“kafana”) in Europe an entire century before London. The telephone rang for the first time in a Serbian coffee house and the first electric street light was also lit in front of it.

As a Serbian, I drink a lot of coffee. We have centuries-old tradition of drinking black coffee, and it was a tradition inherited from the time of the Turkish reign in the region.

The most popular traditional coffee — is Turkish coffee , which comes unfiltered, in small cups. You can order traditional coffee almost everywhere and anytime when in Serbia.

There is a special coffee culture in Serbia

Not just on Valentine’s Day

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I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I try to avoid all the red hearts in the stores and the romantic commercials on TV for diamonds, perfume and lingerie. There’s so much pressure and expectation for couples.

In fact, my partner and I completely ignore it. Because Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the one day of the year that we express how much we love each other.

We are expressing admiration for each other — every single day.

This is why I always try to practice love in action — for myself, for my family, friends, and my partner, all year round. …

5 habits that will strengthen your relationship

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The lockdown has pushed many couples to their limits and caused many breakups. I had my share of the moments with my partner — especially when we had to be house-bound nearly 24/7.

There was nowhere to go — to seek excitement. Nowhere to go — to clear my head. Sometimes I was frightened — will we make it?

But somehow, the lockdown has actually brought us closer.

Like any crisis, the lockdown tested our relationship. The foundation that your relationship is built on is ether strong, or not.

We’ve made it.

Looking back now, I am certain that we have worked hard every single day to build resilience…

Or how to stop jumping in to save the day

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How many times have you felt as if you needed to “save” your partner? Have you felt like they needed your help — and if it weren’t for you, they would be unable to take care of themselves?

Have you felt like you just had to step in and take their responsibilities and problems on your own shoulders? And if none of your efforts worked and the person continued down the path of self-destruction — was it perhaps your fault?

If you are frequently jumping in to save the day and truly believe that you are helping your partner —…

Lies are contagious. It’s time to read up on history as Montenegro will not start the World War III.

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Lies have no legs. Instead, the have ugly little bat wings. They travel fast and far.

They are contagious and poisonous.

I can’t stand lies and those who lie. There is a special little place for liars in the afterlife, for those who were fortunate to escape justice in this life.

Truth prevails. No matter what. Always.

Last week I engaged in a small talk with a colleague from Austin, Texas. Somehow we touched the topic of my origin. I proudly announced that I am from Montenegro.

Suddenly he closed down and nodded. I could feel the tension so I…

10 commandments to follow from now on.

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Have you lately felt overworked? Stressed, perhaps? On edge?

Few years back I was working really long hours and weekends. I used to travel internationally few times per month. Back then my whole life evolved around work.

As I sat in the airport lounge, just about to catch connection flight I stumbled upon an article describing ways chronic overwork can kill a person.

According to numerous scientific studies excessive work can and will literally kill you.

If chronic stress accumulates over a period of time, such as chronic overwork, then it could lead to a cardiac event. …

7 reasons you should change your place of residence.

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Follow the finger — It will show you the way (Credits By Unsplash)

I never truly thought about the importance of location until I moved away. I have traveled all around and have seen many places, and I’ve always found something to like.

When I was younger, I yearned to move away because I thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Later, after spending time in various cities around the world, I realized that my own lawn is quite green and beautiful.

Last year, my friend moved away from Prague to Manchester. She was perplexed by the striking differences. …

The only thing you have control of is yourself.

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How many times have you caught yourself obsessing about something that’s out of your control? Lately, I have caught myself obsessing about the reconstruction of my amazing flat.

Do you too, obsess?

I do.

Especially about anything that is out of my control.

My obsessive thoughts would seldom remain unanswered questions. A voice inside of my head answers every one of them and adds a few more dark scenarios such as “What if my new kitchen tiles aren’t delivered on time?”, “I am sure they will get stuck in Italy!” and even “My kitchen will be tile-less forever!”

There were…

4 things that you must do if you travel to Montenegro.

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Montenegro’s culture is fascinating, diverse and unique as the state itself. From unusual beliefs to distinctive behaviors and a whole heap of national pride, the culture is one of the country’s most charming characteristics.

If you ever find yourself in Montenegro there are certain things that you should be aware of, as it’s unlikely you will learn of them in your tour guide.

1. Drive Very, Very Safe…or Don’t Drive At All

Montenegro has a unique road system comprised of mountain spiral roads. Thanks to its gorgeous views, driving there turns into unforgettable and fantastic experience. Stunning scenery is what always follows you through the whole trip.

However, it’s…


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