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“If you wish to be a good writer then write as if nobody will ever read your stories”.

Stupidly I followed the advice that led me straight into a courtroom and cost me all my savings. You see, I am a writer who hoped to get my stories out into…


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Recently I’ve had a discussion with my friend, a psychiatrist, on the topic of “toxic” relationships. There are too many people that we know who are stuck in abusive and unhealthy relationships. So, being smart, we obviously discussed all the well-known reasons why people tend to repeatedly enter abusive relations.

One Step At A Time

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Nobody tells you the horrible and ugly truth about what it takes to be a good stepparent. It takes a lot of resilience and grit to make the relationship work. I would know because I am a stepmother.

My good friend recently entered a relationship with a man who has…


Writer, Marketing Professional, Role Model and just ultra-cool babe. I’m fearless. I’m a writer. I don’t quit. I use my imagination to inspire others!

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