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“If you wish to be a good writer then write as if nobody will ever read your stories”.

Stupidly I followed the advice that led me straight into a courtroom and cost me all my savings. You see, I am a writer who hoped to get my stories out into…

Abuse Has No Excuse

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My good friend is being emotionally and physically abused by his partner. He is one of those guys that you would never expect something like this to happen to: he is nearly 2 metres tall, strong, athletic, enthusiastic — he is the centre of the party.

He brings smiles and…

Abuse Has No Excuse

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

My closest friend grew up with a narcissistic mother. Up until her father was present she used to celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthday’s and attend many child-friendly events. Unfortunately, her mother did all in her power to cut contact between her and her father.

Now, years later when she is grown…


Writer, Marketing Professional, Role Model and just ultra-cool babe. I’m fearless. I’m a writer. I don’t quit. I use my imagination to inspire others!

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